Dedicated Executive Developmental Coaching

Dedicated Executive Developmental Coaching

Program Summary

The demands placed upon today’s managers are ever increasing, requiring them to possess leading edge skill sets and competencies to deliver the goods. Being a good all-rounder is what is essential for success, but how many of us have the complete package?

They may need to be supported in terms of their professional development towards building the requisite skill sets that will enable them to plan and execute various strategies towards achieving the business’s strategic objectives.

You will have your own strengths and weaknesses. It is our goal to help you to play to your strengths and to work on your weaknesses. Your personal coach will provide a sounding board to work through your key issues and to reinforce your confidence to make the right decisions.

BCM can provide you with this customized developmental executive coaching solution that enables you to discuss business and personal issues with your coach in confidence, and walk you through complex issues to enhance understanding, develop and implement creative yet practical solutions, focusing on desired outcomes, and in the process take your professional development to the next level.


  • Accelerated development to the next level through providing developmental support to think more strategically in formulating solutions to their business and professional challenges, and executing them effectively.
  • Build their leadership and stakeholder management strengths and support their aspirations of becoming an outstanding and inspirational leader within the organisation.
  • Receive professional help and a sounding board to discuss challenges in confidence and walk through real issues to develop their personal capacity to think through issues, enhance understanding, develop and implement creative and practical solutions.
  • Build on their personality layers that make them what they are, and those layers that they need to make the transition to the executive presence they need to cultivate.
  • Create the possibility of being able to step back and look at their role from different stakeholder perspectives, and formulate workable solutions to their challenges and difficulties. Raise their profile in your company and also the industry.

Distinguishing Features

CBT Based Approach
We apply the proven Application of Cognitive Behavior Therapy approach wherein the relationship between thinking, emotions and behavior can be influenced positively by changing the relationship between the elements above. This helps to build personal capacity to solve problems concerning dysfunctional emotions, behaviors and cognitions through a goal-oriented, systematic procedure.

Our dedicated personal coaching approach encompasses a four-phased process conducted as follows:

executive coaching

Stage One: Agreeing Outcomes
We will begin this coaching engagement by establishing clarity of focus and ideal outcomes. This is achieved through dialogue with you and your business leaders to determine the coaching focus, establish clarity of an ideal outcome and ensure organizational alignment. From our discussion, the coaching focus may include one or more of the following:

  • Building leadership and business maturity
  • Developing strategic agility, execution sills and follow through ability
  • Building personal mastery through developing their inner side
  • Sharpening their executive presence
  • Leading their team more effectively and increasing retention of key talent
  • Managing intra and inter team conflict more effectively

Stage Two: Personality & Temperament Discovery
We explore the personality and temperament characteristics of the xecutive. We select a battery of assessment tools (based on the coaching focus) for the individuals to complete. We might gather input from others using appropriate instruments. We may create a 360˚ appreciative interview protocol to be conducted with individuals you select.

Our work materializes into the co-creation of a strategic coaching plan.

Stage Three: Executing The Coaching Plan
Once the plan is put into action, our coaching process inspires them to be at their growing edge. We work with them on significant issues and help them to apply learning to real situations, utilising two approaches:

  • Group coaching on developing common skills base and team cohesiveness
  • Individual coaching on overcoming personal obstacles and strengthening weak areas

As they step ahead, we focus on what is working and what needs to be tweaked, stimulate resiliency, promote learning agility and hold them accountable to build the growth areas you pictured during our discussion.

Stage Four: Evaluating Outcomes
A key part of ensuring the effectiveness is to regularly engage the organizational system ensuring that they, you as the business leader and your company systems are in alignment with our work.
Together, we recurrently evaluate progress capturing success stories, focusing on what’s working and valuing positive execution of your coaching plan. Our coaching supports you in fulfilling your team’s highest potential and deliver outcomes achieving your desired results.